Wireless Companies Want Less Regulation

Aron Schatz
February 15, 2011

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And the world keeps moving. I'm pretty sure that most people and companies want less regulation to get in the way. Sure, I think the FCC has overstepped its bounds. I thought the FCC was supposed to worry about frequency use? Why are they dabbling into content censorship and such?


Meanwhile, in Europe, Vodafone's Colao said that he feels comfortable with how European regulators have handled the issue.

"The way that regulators have dealt with the Net neutrality issue in Europe is healthy," he said. "It recognizes the competitive environment. And I think it's something that U.S. regulators can learn from."

But he said that issues dealing with inter-carrier compensation, or the way operators compensate one other for accessing networks, need to be revisited. Specifically, the government tariffs that are charged to access networks between countries are too high, which leads to higher prices for wireless consumers.

I have no idea how the European phone systems work in terms of payments and fees, but the article mentions that growth of text messaging and interoperability. Since that time when texting was cheap/free, we've gone up to 20 cents per message for something that is basically free for the carrier. I'm not saying government regulation is the answer, but I thought price fixing was illegal? Where you see competition work is with the iPhone right now. VZW and AT&T are battling on prices and plans. This is the way it should work.




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